There’s just something terribly cute about the language of these descriptions:

"Also, Superman has a huge crush on Lois Lane."

Supergirl and Superboy "have the same powers as their older cousin which often leads to mischief … They also have Super Pets!"

In other news, this comics is going to be the best best best.


By Dustin Ngyuen 



By Dustin Ngyuen 


Lex’s little smug face is killing me.

And erm, Clark, your blatant staring at it like that does nothing but make his smug grin grow wider.


He’s had enough.

I wouldn’t doubt it with THOSE DIRE CHEEK LINES.


What are heroes without villains? To follow up with my Rebooting the Justice League post, where I treated those characters to a more extreme reboot than DC’s “New 52,” I thought it would be fun to take a look at a redesigned villain team to oppose my redesigned Justice League:



… I ship this

Uh…….. What the hell, comics?


Supergirl only deserves all the fucking stars in the sky… and you give her Lex? A horribly bearded Lex with long, curly hair and a strange lack of a mustache to accompany all that hair? Really? FOR SHAME.

Dying, dying, dead.