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No. My laugh is awful. But I’ve watched the video three times now with the biggest smile on my face because of CAAAAAAAAAT. My favorite parts are her dramatic looks at the camera and when she pulls the hat closer to her after it’s fallen off her head

Ok, I’m dying. You’ve watched it… THREE TIMES already? You have favorite parts of this short-ass video of Cat fighting off a witch hat?


That’s adorable. I’m not even being condescending. It’s actually adorable that you like this so much. Hah.

  1. hattiehargrove said: Your tags are disturbingly accurate. I’ll be writing in my speech on Miyazaki movies and then take a break for reasons of Cat watching. Because that is my life I guess. (PS the count is now up to four). Maybe I’ll send you tally marks in your ask.
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